SMT Center of Competence

SMT Center of Competence: A new world of capabilities awaits

At the SMT Center of Competence we demonstrate best practices and help you to make your SMT production even better with our team of experts, a state-of-the-art production facility, and a unique set of services. It is a place where you can test new solutions and processes, try out new ideas, and learn from the best factories in the world.

  • Application support
    We evaluate special processes and conduct test runs with you.
  • SMT process support and training
    Workshops and open or customized training seminars help you to improve your processes.
  • NPI support, including test runs
    Test and make improvements without compromising the productivity of your own production.
  • Setup workshops
    Modern setup concepts add speed and flexibility. See them ‘live’ at the CoC.
  • Special solutions
    Need special nozzles or custom toolings? The CoC team is there to help.
  • Your path to the Smart #1 SMT Factory
    See the future of electronics manufacturing and talk with our experts about the best way of getting there.

Don't wait any longer. Visit the SMT Center of Competence.