ASM Pacific Technology


    Chip assembly and packaging

    Since 2002, ASM PT has established itself as the world's largest supplier of backend solutions in the electronics manufacturing field. Wherever there is a need for chip assembly, module production, die/chip bonding or encapsulation in component or electronics production, ASM PT offers technologically leading solutions.

    In Europe, the backend division supports its customers with local sales and service specialists. Its customers are primarily in the areas of automotive electronics, automation technology and power electronics. Many work with the ASM specialists to develop efficient production processes for new technologies and products which are then rolled out in their production plants in Southern Europe, North Africa or Asia.

    Two ASM machines are particularly interesting for these applications:

    MCM 12 - The highly flexible die bonder for multichip modules and SiPs

    To pack more performance into electronic entities, designers integrate different components (dies, flip-chips, memory chips, LEDs, sensors, etc.) into functional modules. The name for this approach is “system-in-package”, or SiP. The MCM 12 is the leading solution in this segment. It can process dies and flip-chips directly from wafers and use various bonding technologies (stamping, pattern-writing, shower head), lead frames that are up to 100 mm large and various carrier materials (ceramic, metal, etc.).

    The Xpress - The flexible wire bonder

    Copper and gold in a single machine – the iHawk can do it. The iHawk's dual clamping system, which makes automatic rethreading possible if the wire breaks, delivers more performance and makes the entire process more efficient.